Comply with all cautions and warning provided by the saw manufacturer.

All diamond blades should be used in compliance with ANSI Safety Code B7.1:Wear eye protection, examine all machinery and equipment for beginning operation and handle ALL equipment and machinery according to the manufacturer’s regulations.

1. Before use, examine all blades for cracks and other damage. Do not use if damage is suspected. Damaged, incorrectly mounted and/or misused blades are extremely dangerous to use.

2. Always wear proper safety equipment i.e. safety footwear, safety goggles, snug fitting clothing, hearing and head protection and proper respiratory equipment.

3. Always use a wheel guard and check for proper function of all guards on the tool. Never pull guards back, remove them, or leave them in open position.

4. Be sure that the arrow on the blade points in the same direction of rotation as the tool.

5. Be sure that the blade washers/flanges are correctly assembled on the shaft and that the blade is properly supported. Do not use blades that rattle or wobble on the tool.

6. Do not alter the hold in the blade. This creates an unbalanced blade rotation resulting in wobbling, pounding or cracking, which is hazardous.

7. Inspect flanges for warpage, cleanliness, burrs, and flatness.

8. For safe operation, use flanges which are at least 1/4 diameter of the blade.


Careless or improper use of a diamond blade could cause personal injury.

Observe the following precautions and tool manufacturer’s instructions for using tools and diamond blades.

9. Make sure the no-load RPM on the tool’s name plate does exceed the speed marked on the blade.

10. Before performing any cutting operations let the tool run for few seconds without load. If the blade wobbles, vibrates or unusual noise occurs, stop the tool immediately. Examine the blade for damage or incorrect mounting.

11. Do not stand in line with the blade or the stream of hot particles.

12. Keep bystanders and animals out of the work space.

13. Maintain a firm grip on the tool during cutting operation.

14. Slow feed speeds are recommended. Do NOT force the tool.

15. The diamond blade is intended for straight line cutting only. Cutting curves will cause stress cracks for fragmentation on the blade, resulting in possible injury to people in the vicinity.

16. Do not use side pressure or grind with the side of the diamond blade.

17. Examine blades carefully before each use for proper alignment and possible defects.

18. Make sure all users of the blade comply with safety regulations.