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The SDW225SSA1 welder/generator is a CC/CV output unit that delivers superior arc characteristics and consistent welding quality up to 225 amps. Rated for 6kW, it provides clean/quiet operation in both welding and power generation with noise levels at 68.7 dBA. Designed for the construction market, you can depend on the SDW225SSA1 for its performance and long service.

  • Delivers up to 225 amps as a welder with the convenience of 6 kW of AC power as a generator
  • Can draw simultaneous AC power while welding
  • Quality voltage regulation @ 2% (+/-)
  • Tier 4 final Kubota diesel – Model Z482
  • Smooth arc characteristics and more consistent, quality weld penetration
  • SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW and ACAC welding processes
  • Sound attenuated cabinet reduces noise output to 68.7 dBA @ 23′
  • Full panel GFCI protection – OSHA and NEC compliant
  • Available in a light tower configuration as the MLTSDW7
  • Options – Wire remotes, welding cable, cable carriers, toolbox, trailers, cold-weather items are available for this model.