LATUX Rescue/Demolition Diamond Blades are brand new in technology. Developed based on vacuum brazing technology. It brings a revolution in diamond distributing and bonding, our Rescue blades are extremely fast cutting and significantly improving cutting efficiency and cooling. Extremely high exposure of diamond, out technology, allows the diamond particle to protrude up to 3/4 out of the bond, much higher than of sintering and electroplating, leaving better clearance on tools surface, significantly improving cutting efficiency and cooling.

Unique diamond holding capability creates a chemical bonding between diamond and matrix, permanently brazing the diamond to the substrate. The diamond crystal is retained on the tool in continuous cutting until totally wearing itself out; therefore, the working life on V-Tech tools is highly increased over traditional abrasive blades.

The Rescue Blades can be used on Reinforced Concrete, PVC Pipe, Steel, Cast Iron, Wood, and Ductile Iron Pipe.