Blade Cutting Depths

HS is for high-speed diamond blades. Based on 9,500 sfpm (surface feet per minute) – the general optimum performance range for cutting concrete and masonart products is +10%. For hard, dense materials such as stone and tile, the optimum performance speed is 10-25% less than the speeds shown.

Blade shaft speeds (rpms at no load) for most tools will be higher than the recommended operating speeds shown. Under normal sawing conditions, the actual blade shaft speed of thr tool will slow down under load and should fall within the optimum speed range.

This speed (rpm) represents the maximum safe speed [in revolutions per minute (rpm)] at which each blade shaft (arbor) speed or the tool is within the “maximum safe” limit of that blade.

Note: Diamond blade cutting depths listed here are approximate. Actual cutting depth will vary with the exact blade diameter or saw type (or brand), or the exact diameter of the blade collars (flanges). Cutting depth will also be reduced if saw components (motor housing, blade guard) extend below the blade collars (flanges).