Next Generations Ready to Tackle The Hole Left by “Silver Tsunami”

The Silver Tsunami (also known as Grey Tsunami, Gray Tsunami, Silver Wave, Gray Wave, or Grey Wave) is a metaphor used to describe population aging. the phrase has also been used to refer more specifically to health and economic implications associated with population aging.

It seems that the efforts, over the past few years, of manufacturing companies showing up in classrooms and in the guidance counselors’ offices touting the field as a good career choice, is paying off.

A new study, 2019 L2L Manufacturing Index,  which examined thAmerican public’s perceptions of U.S. manufacturing, found that adults in Generation Z (those aged 18-22) are 19% more likely to have had a counselor, teacher or mentor suggest they look into manufacturing as a viable career option when compared to the general population.

One-third (32%) of Generation Z has had manufacturing suggested to them as a career option, as compared to only 18% of Millennials and 13% of the general population.
Better still, the survey also found that Generation Z is intrigued by careers in manufacturing.