Consumer Survey Provides Insight Into Purchasing Patterns

DMI, global mobile solutions and digital transformation leader, published an exclusive 35-page guide detailing the findings of a sweeping consumer survey of more than 1,500 U.S consumers. DMI’s annual report entitled “What Buyers Want: a DMI Survey” uncovers 12 key insights about the purchasing behaviors of today’s consumers, with specific steps on how retailers can optimize the path to purchase for shoppers in the connected world.

Among the findings:

  • 55 percent of consumers surveyed are Amazon Prime members but that does not mean Amazon is a retailer’s enemy. Amazon Prime shoppers are 44 percent more likely to shop in-store at least weekly. Retailers should embrace this key target audience of consumers.
  • 51 percent of consumers surveyed say they like to buy online and pick up in-store. A similar proportion confirmed checking to see if a specific item was available in-store before visiting. Retailers need to adapt to this new mobile reality.
  • 42 percent of consumers surveyed prefer browsing on mobile devices, vs. 30 percent in-store and 28 percent on desktop computers. Savvy technology strategies accelerate browsing and move buyers closer to a purchase.
  • 34 percent of consumers surveyed have encountered artificial intelligence capabilities along their purchasing journey. Of those, 54 percent report being either satisfied or very satisfied with their AI-powered bot experience. Consumers are rapidly warming up to automation from a customer service perspective.

“These findings demonstrate that frictionless engagement from mobile to online, into the store, and vice versa is a critical component toward transforming retail businesses. Shoppers are seeking a blended online and in-store experience,” said DMI Senior Vice President of Strategy and Chief Digital Officer, Mike Deitrick. “Every retailer has to fully understand their position in the market, assess how they’re being disrupted and find the best way to become disruptors.”